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Lessons: List and Links

Preparing for your Puppy - Things to think about for a smooth transition into puppyhood

First Weeks with new Puppy - Bonding, House Training, Treats, First Commands

Do's and Don'tsFundamentals for Trainers & Handlers

Puppy Socialization - the critical first weeks; getting your pup comfortable in any situation.

Biting and Nipping - Addressing this basic innate puppy issue

Come Problems - Dog must learn to respond to "come" early on. 

Interacting with DogYour dog's communication cues

Dogs' Body LanguageLearn to read your dog's postures and poses

Meds Command - Training your dog to bring your medication pouch

Walking your DogMore tips on walking your dog: addresses tugging, forging, lunging

Night AlertingTraining your dog to alert at night

Early Alert Scent Training - Semtraining your dog to alert -1 

Early Track B Scent Training - H - training your dog to alert - 2

Over Excited Greetings - Learning to gently greet "friends" and the public 

Response Training - Learn the relationships between stimulus and response

Outdoor Things - Things to practice outdoors: speak, Help!

"To Me" and "Give" - When you want your dog to bring you something

Coprophagia - Stop your dog from eating poop

SDfK Commands and Behaviors - A list of commands to teach and behaviors to track over two years

Kid's Need Kiwainis

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