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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Bolder Boulder volunteers: Memorial Day

Colorado Feeding Kids, packing food packages, Lakewood – April 20

Scholarship committee volunteers are welcome, March 1 - April 30.
Currently lining up additional activities and projects

Toy Sorting and Distribution

This effort runs from November 27 until December 18, 2023.  Hours are 10-2, Distribution is Dec 18, I think 2-4

To sign up go to this LINK

Location is the Broomfield Salvation Army Building, 1080 Birch Street, Broomfield, CO

Note: This is a "hot" spreadsheet.  Do your business and close quickly.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

This effort runs from November 27 until December 31, 2023

Instructions for signing up

1.  In a new browser window type, or click this link. (Note below)

2. Select "I am ringing with a group"

3.  Enter code for our club: Foothillsk200

4. Select the Bell Ringing times that work for you.

5.  Add this commitment to your calendar, calendar device or Daytimer equivalent. "No shows" are very awkward

NOTE: The first time you enter the site, click LOGIN to create your account.  This way your name and info are automatically attached to your commitment.

Figure 1.png
Figure 2.png

Info for newbees

+ show up early.  Parking can be tight in holiday season.

Allows time to transfer bib and info with previous ringer

+ If you are last ringer of the day, take bib, bells, kettle and stand to service office of store.

+ If you are first ringer of day, or the previous time slot was a no-show, get the above from the office.

+ Sometimes a SA officer or employ will come to take the bucket.  Insure they are not just making this up.  Usually will have a van ID'd as Salvation Army.

+ This has never happened, but just in case.  Do not engage with thieves.  Stand back and let them have it.  The world won't end

Kid's Need Kiwainis

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