April: Foothills Kiwanis Members prepare and serve Easter meals to seniors at Silvercrest, in Broomfield

April 19 -- Special Awards Day
2021_April_distinguished President Craig

President Brian presents Distinguished President Award to Past President Craig, in recognition of leadership and club performance in during 2019-20 year of Pandemic


Randy Hayden presented with Salvation Army Distinguished Service Award by Major Mike.

Randy Hayden gets Rocky Mtn District Member Responsibility award

May: Key Club day and awards

May: 2021 Foothills Kiwanis

Scholarship winners

Jessica K award.JPG
Tiffany T award.JPG

Jessica K and Tiffany T receive scholarship award from scholarship committee

Shannon B award.JPG

Recognition of Top scholarship winner Shannon B with her proud parents

Annie F Award.JPG

Scholarship winner Annie F, and parents


Haniel M receives scholarship award, with family

May 16 -- Alert Dog training and Family get-together.  Ashleigh Burke Park, Boulder, CO


Great families and pups working hard to provide support to children

July 23: Foothills Kiwanians on a Habitat for Humanity build, in Broomfield

2021_07_23H4H1 (4).jpg

(right) Three Stooges hanging cabinets: (L to R) Bill Anderson, Craig Hurst, Joe Girard

2021_07_23H4H1 (3).jpg

Craig Hurst (left) and Bob Mohling (right) are made to work alone in their cubbie holes

2021_07_23H4H1 (1).jpg

President-elect Bill Anderson busy on cabinets


Collage: clockwise, from top left: Matt Frederick and Bob moving cabinets, team at 8AM kickoff, Bob is a beast, Paul Bailey in his cubbie, Bill and Tool-time Joe, Matt and his cubbie.